Heavy Metal, Bacon, Beverly Hills 90210. These are the 3 passions of Adam Poch. With his rough exterior and his heart of gold he has earned the nickname The Heavy Metal Teddy Bear. He won over the hearts of his fellow cast mates as well as millions of viewers this past summer while on CBS’ Big Brother 13. You can find him in the middle of mosh pits, or at local watering holes sipping on his signature drink, an Appletini.

Growing up in Central Jersey, Adam has always been an avid music lover, but it was in his teen years that he discovered Heavy Metal. “From the first time I heard Iron Maiden, I felt like the music spoke to me.” While in college he hosted a weekly radio show called “The Posse of Doom” where he played the best of all types of Hard Rock and Heavy metal. It was around the same time that he started watching the television show Beverly Hills 90210. His love for Tori Spelling’s character Donna Martin became well known to anyone he talked to. To this day, he still watches the reruns on SoapNet every weekend and even incorporates a BH90210 question of the week at his weekly trivia night that he hosts in Hoboken, NJ. Cooking has always been a hobby of his and adding bacon to already tasty dishes has been a staple in his diet. “Bacon just makes everything better.”

Adam has been a fan of the Reality TV show Big Brother since it’s inception in 2000, and it took him 3 tries to get on the show. He brought his unique swagger and sense of humor into the house and while other people were all trying to make big moves to get them further, he used his great social game to get to the final 3. His ability to connect with people on a personal level made him seem less of a threat, but before they knew it, he was in the finals. Keeping everyone well fed on bacon didn’t hurt either. Falling short did not bother him since he says “I did not earn the right to be in the final 2, and I am OK with that.” It’s that self assurance and confidence that keeps him going in everything he does. The highlight of the season for him was when Tori Spelling showed up at the house for a luxury competition. You could see this big guy turn into a giddy little schoolgirl when his crush of over 20 years walked into his life.

Since the end of the show – Adam has gone back to his normal life, living in Hoboken, NJ; working in the music industry as an inventory manager; hanging out with his girlfriend, family, and friends; and most importantly going to see live bands. He finds his new found stardom a bit odd, since he feels like he is just a regular guy. But he is never shy and always will talk to his fans in person or through social media outlets like Facebook & Twitter. “The fans are why the show has been so successful, and as a fan, I feel like I owe it to them. They invested a lot of time to watching me, so I will always talk to them.”


What’s next for the Heavy Metal Teddy Bear? Only time will tell.


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  1. I really liked you on BB13. I like you better when you’re on my sofa watching reruns of LOST and buying me Chinese Food

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