Holidays are coming – GET YER BACON HERE!!!!

As you all know I am a Bacon freak! Ok some may say just a freak who loves bacon – but., whatever! I am sure you all know someone who loves bacon as much as I do – and with the holiday season upon us, who wants to run all over looking for the perfect gift? Well I will help you by giving you the perfect gift for your bacon lover family member or friend. The good people at Thrillist have teamed up with Bacon Freak (yes that is a real website – ) to bring you a gift pack. There are 2 options and both are 50% off the normal price.

How do you do it? It’s simple – click on this link – – and just do a couple clicks and key punches and BAM! Your holiday shopping is done! Whatever holiday you celebrate – it just got so much yummier!

While you are at it – why don’t you pick up some bacon for yourself!!! You will enjoy this reward!

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About Adam Poch

I love Bacon, Heavy Metal, Beverly Hills 90210, Bourbon, Sports, Appletinis, and Reality TV. I was on Season 13 of CBS' show Big Brother where I finished in 3rd place. I work in the music business and have for the last 18 years.

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