Bakin with BACON at the Baconery

While I was inside the Big Brother house this past summer – a new Bakery opened in NYC. They do not have a storefront yet – just doing mail order & delivery. The difference between this bakery and the 1000’s of other ones out there – is all their products are made with BACON! Bacon Cookies, Bacon Rice Krispy Treats, Bacon Brownies, Bacon Bacon Bacon Bacon.

My girlfriend Fara contacted them before my Welcome Home / Birthday party and purchased some treats and a T-shirt. When the people at Baconery found out who it was for – they knew I was the Bacon Ambassador and threw in some extra treats. I had a box deliciousness and wore the “You’re BACON Me Crazy” t-shirt to the party. Since then – I have stayed in touch with Wesley the owner of – so when he asked me to come down to their kitchen and watch them cook, how could I say no? I mean to be in a kitchen smelling all sorts of bacon goodies – duh – that’s a no brainer.

Wesley had mentioned they wanted to do a video called Bakin’ With Bacon and wanted me to be their first guest. Since I am not camera shy, I agreed and headed into NYC to film it one night after work. Carisa, the head baker and I made some Bacon Banana Bread (say that 5 times fast). I was amazed by how much bacon they put in each batch. While that was baking, we also made some strips of thick cut bacon to turn into Chocolate Covered Bacon. When I tried to coat the strips of bacon with chocolate – I got scolded by Amita, another Baconery employee for not putting enough chocolate on them. She had to come over and show me how to do it.

For a company so new – they are already getting a lot of great press coverage and their fan base and sales are growing very quickly. Below you can see the video of my adventure as well as some pics of you guessed it – BACON! You can go to their website and order some treats so you can see what all the fuss is about. And until the end of November – you can use coupon code: adambb13 to save 20% on your order.

Check me out on the first episode of Bakin with Bacon at @Baconery

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