I am known for my love of all things bacon – yes, that’s true – but every Autumn, the greatest convenience store on the planet Wawa, brings back the best sandwich ever – “The Gobbler.” I know you are asking, ‘Hey Adam, what the hell is a Gobbler?’ The answer would be – it’s Thanksgiving on a bun. Turkey in gravy with stuffing, on a roll with cranberry sauce. Yes you can add bacon if you want, and normally I would suggest that, but this sandwich is so amazing by itself you do not need to.

So last Saturday night I was down in Sayreville, NJ at Starland Ballroom for the Anthrax / Testament / Death Angel show. My friends Don & Nick who are usual concert buddies of mine knew everytime we go to Starland, we always stop at Wawa on the way home. In fact we even joke that we are going to Wawa but stop at a concert first. This night would be no different – so a few minutes after Anthrax finished shredding – we were in the car and on our way to heaven.

As soon we walked in – I went right to the deli kiosk and punched in my order for not 1, not 2, but 3 Gobblers. Even though I wanted to eat all 3 right then and there, only 1 was going to be consumption that night, 1 I was bringing home for my girlfriend, and the other was going to be for lunch on Monday. While waiting for the sandwiches to be made, I went to pick up the perfect compliment to wash it down, Wawa’s store brand Iced Tea. I swear, they must put crack in the Iced Tea – because it is so addicting. You will not find a better Iced Tea anywhere. I paid for my purchases and went back to the deli to pick up the delicious goodness that was waiting for me.

Since I just picked up my new car that morning, I was not going to eat in the car – so the three of us stood outside of Wawa and started eating our sandwiches. Don & Nick do not share my love for the Gobbler – so as they ate their lesser sandwiches, I opened up the wrapper and took a look at what was in front of me, and started to drool. Now it was finally the time to sink my teeth into it. I made sure to open wide and get my mouth around it so I could taste all 3 of the key ingredients at once. The sweetness of the cranberry sauce compliments the hot turkey. And the stuffing, oh the stuffing! Wow!!!! I savored every bite even though I wanted to shove it all in my mouth at once. As soon as I was done, it took all of my energy not to rip open the other 2. I packed them in the back of my Chevy Equinox, far enough away so I would not be tempted to grab on on the ride home.

The only bad thing about the Gobbler is it is not available year round – so make sure you get to the closest Wawa and grab one before it is too late.

for locations – go to

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