Pumpkins & Bacon!

Even before I was on Big Brother – I was a celebrity at my girlfriend Fara’s school. I went in one day this past spring and sat in on a class. One of the little girls drew a picture of me and Fara, and by the end of the class – I had the whole group of kids jumping up and down screaming BACON (much to the chagrin of Fara and the other teacher.) So when they asked me to be a “celebrity” judge of their annual pumpkin contest – how could I say no?

Mind you – these kids are all pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st grade, so I was not expecting much. But it was obvious as soon as I walked into the courtyard these kids were really creative (and got a lot of help from their parents).

I was one of 3 judges and we really had a hard time trying to decide on a winner from each class. On top of that we also had to pick a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for the entire school. They had to be different from each class winner. So the 3 of us walked around making notes and after about 40 minutes, we sat in a room and debated which ones we liked the best. It was pretty obvious to all 3 of us – 1st place was “The Dentist,” it was by far the most creative and well done pumpkin of the bunch. I also loved the “Zombie School”, it incorporated the actual school into the design so for that it took 2nd place overall. Third place was a tough choice – but we ended up agreeing on “Angry Birds.” Honorable mention went to the “Dia de Muertos” (Day of the Dead). While very creative – the pumpkin was not a feature player of the decoration – but they had mini bottles of Rum & Tequila. I think the parents were trying to bribe the judges. It almost worked!

The kids were very well behaved and everyone got a trophy just for participating. I would complain about that – but these are young children so I will let it slide.

After the contest – Fara and I took a walk to a local restaurant well known for its bacon appetizer. She did not have to ask me twice if I wanted to go to the world famous Peter Luger Steakhouse! I have been hearing about this bacon appetizer for SOOOOO long – and finally got to sink my teeth in this monstrous slab of pork heaven. Adding Peter Luger’s famous sauce only made this hunk o pig even tastier. I could talk about the burger I had after – but why? The bacon was the appetizer but stole the show. If you have never tried it – RUN dont walk to either the Brooklyn location 178 Broadway Brooklyn, N.Y. 11211 or Long Island location 255 Northern Blvd. Great Neck, N.Y. 11021. I hear the steaks are pretty good too – but make sure you GET THE BACON!

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I love Bacon, Heavy Metal, Beverly Hills 90210, Bourbon, Sports, Appletinis, and Reality TV. I was on Season 13 of CBS' show Big Brother where I finished in 3rd place. I work in the music business and have for the last 18 years.

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